4 Best Hiking Tips This Summer

 Best Hiking Tips This Summer

Along with heading to the beach or perhaps the pool, hiking is another very common summer related activity for families, couples, and students. While hiking can be more relaxing than spending time under the beating sun in a local beach town, there are various safety precautions you need to keep in mind both before and during your hiking excursion.

1. The earlier the better

Before heading out to your favorite trails, be sure to start your adventure early in the day to avoid heat exhaustion from around noon to 3pm. Starting the day earlier will allow you to spend more time hiking in the cool forest before the temperature rises exponentially in the afternoon.

2. Awareness 

To avoid any fatal conditions of both you and your hiking partners, be sure to constantly ask others about the following:

– Thirst/if they need water
– Nausea
– Extreme fatigue
– Consistent, throbbing headache
– Frequent or infrequent dizziness
– Muscle cramps
– Disorientation or confusion

3. Hydrate

Arguably the most important tip, drinking plain and electrolyte based water will provide you with steady energy throughout the day.  In addition to consistently drinking water during your hike, maintaining a steady intake of water days before the excursion is also an important tip that many adventurers forget.