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Top 3 National Parks to Explore This Fall

Glacier National Park While many hikers and other adventurers head straight towards more popular national parks such as Yosemite or Yellowstone, explorers from all over the country are slowly making their way to Glacier National Park. The vast beauty of Montana is definitely found in Glacier National Park, with more than 730 miles of mountain peaks, lakes, and meadows to… Read more →

4 Best Hiking Tips This Summer

Along with heading to the beach or perhaps the pool, hiking is another very common summer related activity for families, couples, and students. While hiking can be more relaxing than spending time under the beating sun in a local beach town, there are various safety precautions you need to keep in mind both before and during your hiking excursion. 1.… Read more →

Hiking in the City? Yes!

Ah, hiking. It’s good for our mental health, physical well-being, and can put us deeply in touch with our most primal roots. But if you find yourself settling down or spending long periods of time in big cities, you may think that you can’t enjoy a nice hike along a well traveled trail. But this is misguided thinking. And no,… Read more →

Presidential Pastimes

On February 1, voters will caucus all across Iowa’s 99 counties and have the first impact on what has been a heated presidential primary for both major parties. By November, we will have a new President elect. All of this political business made me reflect on the fact that our presidents are people, just like their constituents. They have had… Read more →

shot of river at potomac park

6 Incredible River Parks

River Parks give us great way to do some exploring. Unlike a camping ground or familiar hiking expedition, a river park’s focus is activity around, well, a river. It provides an alternative means of reconnecting with nature, even though many of the parks have had some human alterations. However, this is often necessary. For instance, eliminating or refitting dangerous dams… Read more →

Exploring Idaho

Sometimes a good documentary will give you newfound appreciation for something you love. Like this one, about Idaho. I don’t know how often you think about this State, but learning about the geology in the area made something abundantly clear: the land is nature’s gift to us. Hiking is a time to explore the trails and really dive into something… Read more →