Drive-Thru Americana: The Southwest

When taking a cross-country roadtrip, the goal is not just to reach the other side of the United States, be it the sunny West coast or the bustling East coast- you want to see what unforgettable landmarks the Nation has to offer along the way.  In one of the latest Drive Thru American Series, they cover the Southwest United State and some locales that you would not miss along the way when you’re taking that cross-country drive. A few of these I’m definitely adding to my list are the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, the Fly Geyser in Nevada, (looks like something from outer space), The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO, and the Neon Museum of Las Vegas, which sounds just other-worldly!  These are just a few of the awesome places on this list. Looks like I’ll have to start planning a bigger road trip, since a lot of these are pretty nearby.