ForSight Fishing

With social unrest and upheaval at home, and humanitarian crises abroad, here’s a bit of news that is sure to brighten your day.

For several years, ForSight Vision and Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited has been leading an expedition to Lower Chanceford Township in order take a group of blind children fishing. This isn’t an event for sport or subsistence– the adults leading the group toss the fish back into the water after letting the children marvel at their catch. Instead, it is a beautifully concerted effort to help these visually impaired children connect with nature herself. This is something most of us can take for granted, and observing their happiness is pure joy.

About ForSight Vision

Founded in 1932, as York’s Blind Centre, the organization established its mission as an advocate for “the education and care of blind persons”. After several changes over most of the 20th century, it renamed itself ForSight Vision in order to better reflect its goal of providing care for all those who are visually impaired, not just the totally blind.