Great Basin National Park

For any outdoorsmen interested in exploring the beauty of the landscape of the Western United States, the options for places to camp, travel and hike are virtually limitless. There is so much incredible terrain out west and not nearly enough time to explore every nook and cranny.  However, for anyone venturing into the Southwestern States, the Great Basin National Park, located in eastern Nevada, is a great, (and often overlooked), option.  I recently stumbled across this blog post from Val in Real Life, which is an awesome travel blog, that really sold me on the Great Basin National Park being a great place to travel.  Among the numerous awesome things to check out in this park are Lehman Caves, beautiful caves of soft limestone that make for a wonderful walking/hiking path.  Also don’t miss Baker Creek and its surrounding area, which supplies a great route for hiking and an opportunity for numerous wildlife sightings.  This National Park sounds like one that would be awesome to check off of my bucket list!