Holiday Gift Guide For Camping Gear

Ross Sanner—Holiday Gift Guide

After stumbling through Amazon trying to find the perfect gift for the outdoor lovers in your life, you close your computer in frustration due to the overwhelming amount of gadgets out there. Camping gear isn’t the easiest thing to shop for, especially if you’re unsure of where to start. This guide below will walk you through some of the top gifts to get for those that love the great outdoors.


Tent camping is a great way to enjoy the solitude of nature. Pitching a tent in the woods means getting away from rush of everyday life– but it also means no electricity. Unless you’re in a cabin or at a “glampsite”, there are no lights around the campsite. Lanterns are a great gift for campers to light their way when it gets dark out.


While nature is a great place to escape, writing is also an outlet to another world. Many campers enjoy taking a journal with them to write down their thoughts, their experiences, and more. From tracking the trip to simply writing for fun, camping journals make a great gift.


Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? You’d be surprised how often multi-tools come in handy. They’re useful for tying/cutting rope when setting up the campsite, opening packages of food when cooking, scraping bark off of sticks for kindling and so much more. Multi-tools are a necessity to any camper.

Reusable Dishes

Experienced campers know to bring reusable dishes for meals. Many campgrounds provide large sinks to clean dishes after they’ve been used. Durable plasticware for camping makes a great gift because it’s not something everyone initially thinks of when packing their camping gear.

REI Membership

REI is a widely known co-op for the outdoor adventurers. This co-op gives back nearly 70% of their profit and donates it to improving the outdoors. Give the gift of an REI membership, which is a lifetime program for just $20. Members get 10% back on REI brand products, and exclusive member-only special offers, trips, and more.

Pocket Waterfilter

A pocket waterfilter is extremely useful for camping anywhere. This portable filter provides safe drinking water. Because a water source is one of the most important things you need when camping, this traveling filter makes the perfect gift.

Solar Powered USB Charger

Although not everyone takes their electronics with them when camping, a solar powered USB charger makes a great stocking stuff. Solar powered chargers allow campers to have a charged phone in the event of emergencies, but also if they just want to keep in touch with the outside world while camping.


From stocking stuffers to top-rated gifts, this gift list has unique items that every camper would love to open during the holidays.