PFC Free Gear

PFC, or perfluorocarbons, are a compound that makes your pots and pans “non stick” and your favorite hiking or camping gear “water repellant” or “waterproof”. But it’s increasingly come under fire and has been linked to various cancers and birth defects. We live and learn, and many companies are beginning to ban the use of PFCs in their products. That’s a good thing, but the resulting boots and jackets aren’t quite as good at keeping us warm and dry. But that hasn’t stopped other manufacturers from stepping up their game. Wired has done some awesome work and presented their favorite weatherproof gear that will actually keep you dry— and PFC free.


You could actually build an entire camping outfit with their suggestions. From Danners’ Mountain Light Cascade boots to an awesomely light shell jacket from Nau, these items are just as good for the environment you’re exploring as they are for their body!


Lists like these are immensely helpful. Big name gear manufacturers either have not-as-effective PFC free gear, or haven’t gotten around to discontinuing their usage (even though at least one, Patagonia, has set a timetable for phasing them out). Finding superb alternatives can be daunting if you don’t know which brands to look for, and this list is a great start!