So, You’re Ready for Your First Knife?

If you had to name one tool that you couldn’t be without when you’re out in the wild, what would it be? And no, firearms and multitools don’t count. Go ahead, what are you thinking?

Ah, did you say “pocketknife”? If so, you aren’t the first, and certainly aren’t the last– pocket knives, and tactical knives in a larger sense, are considered staples of survival and outdoorsmanship. While a pocket knife can serve various functions on the day-to-day, both inside and out, tactical knives are more geared to those special situations in which you truly find yourself in a bind or are working to really get in touch with your natural self.

Don’t have a knife but are confused about where to start? No problem, the Art of Manliness has you covered on that front. Check out their primers on pocket knives, which include a breakdown of the several different classes of knives, and tactical knives, which explores what features to look for when selecting one.