Top Reasons to Craft a Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Top Reasons to Craft a Corporate Social Responsibility Program

It can be difficult to incorporate a CSR program in your ever changing business strategy. In addition to increasing the overall relevancy of your company as a leading philanthropic company across industries.

As the wise philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Take a look at some tips to guide you throughout this process. 

The domino effect

A common idea to keep in mind is to remember that giving back to the community is not only ethical, but it also allows the service or product in your industry to develop and grow in a robust environment. In other words, helping to foster a better, more wholesome community atmosphere through volunteering or monetary donations will guide your business to flourish.


Simple additions or replacements to help either the community or the world around you can result in substantial cost savings for your company. One example of the positive effects related to responsible practices is clearly seen by GE’s most recent efficient energy practice that proved to save the company revenue.

Increasing consumer demand

As many studies show that more and more consumers care more about the philanthropic efforts of companies, it could potentially be detrimental to not engage in community related projects. This is also an opportune way to connect with your current and potential customer base in a more effective manner.


This post was originally published on Ross Sanner’s philanthropy site here.