Which GPS Should You Get?

Autumn is back! With that crisp air comes a renewed desire for some cool-weather camping. But what about people who like to camp but don’t like the logistics that come with the trip? Lucky for you, The Guardian has released a superb aggregation of reviews for GPS devices, and one is surely to be just for you.


The five products covered range for uses from short walks to multi-day excursions. They’re useful for those who don’t like using maps, for whatever reason. Some people genuinely dislike using them, while others would prefer not to carry an extra load of papers during a hike. Some of these, like OS Maps, are apps. Others are other devices altogether, like the Suunto Smart Watches that allow for easy route tracking and can even double as a digital compass.


One thing to remember though, is that for all of the cool features, none of these gadgets can still be powered indefinitely. That is to say, they’re battery operated. Mobile Apps will drain your battery more quickly, but even traditional handheld GPS systems need a recharge every now and again. Don’t be overly reliant, or at least have a good idea of how long it will last before it comes out!