Ross Sanner’s Biography

Ross Sanner is a business professional currently living in Burlington, Vermont. In 2014, he founded Think Growth Consulting, which advises both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. He has previously worked in mergers and acquisitions, and later as an administrator in the educational advancement sector. He serves as Associate Head of School for Arizona’s Orme School, and has garnered national media attention with his time in the position.

Ross has a passion for bridging industry verticals to create lasting relationships between his clients and find business solutions that work for them.

Ross loves working as a consultant, and is always excited to make teams more sustainable and promote new ideas in the workplace. He also participates in a number of philanthropic endeavors, inspired by his father, who was a physician and surgeon that ran residency programs. To this day, Ross is active in supporting the National Breast Cancer Association an the National Autism Association.

Hobbies and the Outdoors Life

Outside of work, Ross is an avid outdoorsman. He has been a lover of all things outdoors ever since he was a young boy. He grew up near a lake in Columbia, South Carolina, and remembers staying out until the last possible moment. It’s safe to say the outdoors has played a huge part in shaping the man he is today.

Ross Sanner and Miss BeanIn 2006, he moved to Bath, Maine to join the faculty of the Hyde Schools, his alma mater. Maine is a special place for him because it holds some of his fondest memories. Ski resorts, in particular, are important points of personal interest. It was on Sugarloaf Mountain where he proposed to his wife, Casey, and on Sunday River where they wed. Now, as a resident of Vermont, Ross strives to enjoy nature with his family and take in all of the outdoor experiences that New England has to offer.

Ross used to game hunt but is a true fisherman at heart, and fly fishing is of particular interest. He loves that this specific angling method requires research. He also loves to duck hunt with his little black lab, Miss Bean, who he is currently training to become a bird dog. In the future, he even hopes to climb mountain peaks and hike scenic trails with his wife.

Ross Sanner loves combining his passions for philanthropy and fishing by participating in Casting For A Cure and Casting For Recovery, two initiatives that use fishing retreats to fund research and treatment of Rett’s Syndrome and breast cancer. He and his wife Casey have chosen careers that give them the chance to give back, and the couple works to make the world a better place through volunteering and contributions to charitable organizations.

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