Best Family Fun Activities in the Fall

Best Family Fun Activities in the Fall

Apple picking

Easily one of the most classic American pastimes in the fall, apple picking is an amazing way to explore the pure beauty of nature. Interestingly enough, the most extensive apple orchard area in the country is in eastern Washington state and the second largest apple orchard area is located Upstate New York. 

Corn mazes

Arguably the most exciting family friendly activity for various reasons, corn mazes have continued to be a unique tourist attraction due to their intricate artistic designs. The original corn maze was actually created in Annville Pennsylvania and continues to attract a huge number of tourists every year. It is no surprise that these labyrinths are still incredibly popular with adults and children of all ages.  

Sunflower farms

While sometimes sunflower farms can be located in the same vicinity as corn mazes or apple orchards, these quaint meadows are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the cool, fresh fall weather. Since sunflower season is in the summer/early fall, it is best to get a head start on visiting these stunning flower areas sooner rather than later. If you schedule a booking ahead of time, you can also picnic or have a small little party at tables surrounding the meadow.